About Us

A New life style with a pure informal and immediate opulence interpreting floor spaces is born- through KETHROSE Brand. Giving trust to the full value to the desired floors with unusual classy combinations. Layers of life – experience create an atmosphere that tells a neat story.

Putting the best foot forward has always been our thought process and the same has resulted in our fuelling force since the inception year-2015. In the period of less than 2 years, the company has gathered great momentum with a production capacity of 12000 Sq. Mtrs. and 18000 Sq. Mtrs. in two different phases. Dedicated hard work and absolute involvement in all arenas has bestowed us in variant ways. The major benefit of the same can be observed in the development of MARMO ITALIANO – a unique aspect of our array.

This zeal of the company has got solid institution in the form of three Masterminds, Mr. Kirtish Patel, Mr. Naresh Patel and Mr. Bhupendra Patel. Each one of them has got individual roles in the company. They being expert in their own field benefit the company at large. Mr. Kirtish Patel is the managing director of the company and holds an experience of 5 years. With his steep understanding he spearheads the sales and marketing department at Kethos which assists the company to get the extensive market presence, while Mr. Naresh Patel- the director, looks after the production department. His experience of 14 years has been advantageous to the company in many ways as his sensibility fetches all the mannerism to the production facet which helps us to follow all the ethical standards and following quality control measures too. Lastly Mr. Bhupendra Patel, an intellect with an experience of 12 years, takes care of the purchase and accounts department. His expertise here makes the functioning smooth and hiccup free.



In order to serve the best, we need to use the right tools and when it comes to our technology; we have brought on aisle the best of the lot in all accords as we have segregated the same according to the needs and requirements. We use Sacmi (Italy) for press purpose. L B (Italy) is used for feeders and R P C for polishing.


Research and Development:

To be too sure about each and every parameter of our produces, we have secured all the corners where our backbone is our R&D team that is well-trained and well-equipped. They work day in day out in a totally developed laboratory which is rigged with latest tools and equipments.


Quality Policy:

To make our products sound and solid from all contexts, we have kept the best inspection team at work. The quality policy adopted by us has got Italian standards on board that assure best in class quality. Also to make our final produces, totally free from vices, we make sure that each and every layer undergoes a sincere set of inspection patterns.



To create quality of life every day for all
To offer impeccable quality of floor tiles that is affordable


Quality does matter is our policy; hence we have surrounded our working strata around the same:
» Keep on innovating and inventing in terms of technology and product range
» Be a forerunner in terms of creativity and décor aesthetics
» Set a benchmark in regards of clientele satisfaction



Integrity is the foundation of our venture, owing to which we have got following values that keep a keen eye on our working:
» Create value for our customers, employees and investors
» Reach out to our customers in any dilemma
» Stay adherent to the idea of sustainable development



Our international traces are extended to following countries:
USA, Africa, UAE, Australia and Europe